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10th FinTech Future Conference (IFPI2018) has concluded successfully!

10th FinTech Future Convention 2018 (hereinafter referred to as IFPI2018) has concluded successfully on October 15th-16th in Shanghai, China. The conference was co-organized by CDMC Finance Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as CFRI) and CDMC Group, with strategic partnerships of FinUp Group and Yirendai.

IFPI2018 brought financial elites together from government institutes and associations, regulatory agencies, domestic and international banks, insurance companies, consumer finance companies, supplychain finance companies, AI companies, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, investment companies, and so on. IFPI2108 discussed the most hottest topics, including "The Next Decade of Global FinTech", " FinTech+: Exploring The Way of Future Finance", "Situational Finance", "Insurtech", "AI, Blockchain, Big Data and Cloud Computing", “‘The Belt and Road’ FinTech Cooperation”, “Future Banking Technology”, “Banking Credit”, and “FinTech Industry Development of Beihai”. The conference featured with 6 forums, 3 closed-door meetings, FinTech Awards Ceremony, with 90+ speakers, 20+ exhibitors, and 100+ media partners.

Strong Conference Lineup

China is now in pole position in the global FinTech field. According to the study, China comprised over half of the total number and amount of investment and financing, ranking first in the world, among the global FinTech financing activities in 2017.

Currently, banking, payment, insurance, P2P, big data, cloud computing, AI and blockchain have profound influence on financial innovation and revolution. How to draw a blueprint of China’s FinTech? What are the major changes in the business models and operating models of banking and insurance? How do banks position themselves, acquire customers and strengthen risk controlling? How do consumer finance and supply chain finance integrate with FinTech? How do blockchain, AI, big data and cloud computing empower the future finance? What are the preferences and directions of the capital market for FinTech? What are potential FinTech cooperation opportunities in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam? What capabilities should financial talents have in the future? How to pick up financial talents? What advantages has Beihai for development of FinTech industry?

In this context, CFRI invited eminent experts and leaders to discuss the hottest topics, such as, “FinTech Empowers the Future”, “AI and the Future Society: Opportunities and Challenges”, “FinTech: Cooperation Builds a Bright Future for All”, “Life Insurance and InsurTech”, “FinTech Empowering Traditional Credit”, “Exploring the Future Banking Models: The Path Choice of Constructing Digital Ecological Banking”, “Electronic Certification Promotes New Financial Development”, “FinTech: From Tradition to Refinement”, “Starting the Banking Revolution”, “Insurance: From Industrial Thinking to Intelligent Thinking”, “InsurTech at AXA: Innovation to Capture New Insured Needs”, “Blockchain + Internet Insurance—Reshaping the Insurance Service Model”, “AI Powers Intelligent Insurance”, “The Application of AI in Ping An's Property Insurance”, “Technology Contribute to Healthy Development of Inclusive Finance”, “Analysis of Global InsurTech Trends”, “Effective Risk Management As A Core Pillar for Sustainable Consumer Finance Business”, “Science and Technology to Help Construction of Finance Ecology”, “Innovative Application of Call Big Data in Risk Control”, “Blockchain: Banking Transformation and Innovation Foresight”, “Creating Borderless Consumer Finance Services”, “How to Cultivate Consumer Finance (Living Scene)?”, “Ten Relationships of Banking Transformation”, “The Innovative Practice of Social AI in Financial Front Office and Middle Office Business”, “The Big Data Layout in FinTech Field”, “FinTech Drives Consumer Finance Development”, “AI Brings the World Closer”, “ ABCD Empower Inclusive Finance”, “ Blockchain: Towards Consensus”, “The History of Artificial Intelligence and It’s Application in Inclusive Finance”, “Blockchain Development Trends and Its Application in Finance”, “Adopting Emerging Tech in Financial Services”, “Innovative Application of Big Data and AI in Banking Industry”, “ FinTech in the Digital Age”, “Financial Data Intelligence”. The conference aimed to build a splendid platform for networking, learning and business exchanges through high-quality conference content and a variety of guest interaction forms.

Speakers( the list is in no particular order):

Ben Shenglin, Professor, Academy of Internet Finance, Zhejiang University
Chen Xin, Vice Mayor, Beihai City Guangxi Province
Yang Qiang, Professor at HKUST, President of IJCA
CaoYang, COO&CTO, Yirendai
Chia Hock Lai, President, Singapore FinTech Association
Chen Shili, DGM of the Internet Financing Center, ICBC
Sun Zhongdong, President, Chongqing Fumin Bank
Chen Shaoguang, Chairman, iTrusChina Co., Ltd.
Jane Fang, VP of Data Science, MobData
Brit Blakeney, Executive Director, Head of Innovation & Ecosystems, DBS Hong Kong
Zhao Lei, Executive Director of China Insurance Association, Secretary General of Shanghai Insurance Institute
Sun Xing, Head, AXA Next Lab Asia
Pan Gaofeng, Assistant President & CTO, Insurance Co., Ltd.
Ma Jianzhong, DGM, Cloopen
Huang Yi, AI Senior Expert, Ping An Property Insurance
Shi Hui, Co-founder &CIO, Quantum Insurtech
Tian Fengzhan, Chief Data Scientist, Sunshine Insurance Group
Yang Xuan, Founding Partner, Warp Speed Capital
Andrii Grab, Risk Management X-sell Underwriting Director, Home Credit China
Qi Wenping, DGM, Suning Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.
Mao Yujian, Founder &CEO, Dianhuabang
Zhang Minglai, Security Department of Data Center, Bank of Communications
Zhang Zhengyuan, GM of the FinTech Department, 100Credit
Han Zhiyuan, GM of Direct Bank Department, Zhongyuan Bank
Joey Xu, Vice President, Beike Finance
Eric Kang, Head of FSI China, Wisers
Zhou Nan, Head of Data Mining Department, JIGUANG
Zheng Xiaobin, Product &Technology Leader, BSB Consumer Finance
Ken Huang, Founder and Chairman, Nuclear Chain
Xu Lei, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Academician of European Academy of Sciences
David Ye, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Jianpu Technology Inc
Kevin Guo, Chairman of Starwin Capital, Founder of Dianrong
Yao Jian, Chief Technology Officer, PPmoney
Altona Widjaja, Head of New Digital Venture, Bank OCBC NISP
Li Feng, Chief Data Scientist, Tencent Cloud
Chuck Chen, CTO, YeePay
Ken Huang, Founder and Chairman, Nuclear Chain
Rollin Zhang, Staff Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud
Adam Gao, Founder, Treasure Online

Diverse Meeting Formats

Be filled up with various meeting formats, IFPI2018 had the main plenary on the first day with the theme of “The Next Decade of Global FinTech”, “FinTech+: Exploring The Way of Future Finance”, and 3 sub-forums on the second day, including “Insurance Technology Summit”, “Situational Finance Summit”, “Smart Finance Technology Summit”.

Besides the informative keynote speeches, IFPI2018 also has several roundtable discussions, with the themes of “How Do Financial Institutes Use Technologies to Strengthen Financial Integration and Connectivity in the Context of ‘The Belt and Road’ Initiative”, “2028, Dialogue with Banking Future——Mission, Technologies, Key Players, and What Measures Should Companies Take in 2018”, “How to Shape the Future of China's InsurTech”, “Is It Still the Best Time for Chinese Consumer Finance in the Context of Stricter Risk Control”, “AI +Big Data +Blockchain +Finance, 10 Innovative Ideas for 2019”. Through these discussion, we have brought together high level experts to discuss and analyze the latest policies, and tendency, which have a lot benefits and impacts for the audience, even to the Fintech industry.

Chia Hock Lai, President, Singapore FinTech Association
Lito Villanueva, Managing Director of FINTQnologies Corp, Chairman of
Akaradej Disyadej, Managing Director, Thai FinTech Association
Duncan Kuo, Head of Strategic Investment Department, FinUp Group
Song Yuqian, Expert in Banking Analytics London, McKinsey &Company
Brit Blakeney, Executive Director, Head of Innovation & Ecosystems, DBS Hong Kong
Sun Zhongdong, President, Chongqing Fumin Bank
Chen Shili, DGM of the Internet Financing Center, ICBC
Altona Widjaja, Head of New Digital Ventures, Bank OCBC NISP
Zhao Lei, Executive Director of China Insurance Association, Secretary General of Shanghai Insurance Institute
Shi Hui, Co-founder &CIO, Quantum Insurtech
Tian Fengzhan, Chief Data Scientist, Sunshine Insurance Group
Pan Gaofeng, Assistant President & CTO, Insurance Co., Ltd.
Sun Xing, Head, AXA Next Lab Asia
Yu Baicheng, President, O1Caijing
Shea Chen, Chief Risk Officer, Xiaomi Financial
Andrii Grab, Risk Management X-sell Underwriting Director, Home Credit China
Qi Wenping, DGM, Suning Consumer Finance
Liang Yupin, VP of Finance Department, ZhongAn Insurance
Wang Gang, GM of Consumer Finance, Hairongyi
Li Feng, Chief Data Scientist, Tencent Cloud
HuangLing, Founder& CEO, AHI-FinTech (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
Chuck Chen, CTO, YeePay
Wang Bao, Dean, Silver Valley FinTech Research Institute

“The Belt and Road” FinTech Cooperation & Beihai FinTech Business Invitation Summit

IFPI2018 also held “The Belt and Road” FinTech Cooperation & Beihai FinTech Business Invitation Summit at 15 October. Co-organized by CFRI, CDMC Group, and FinUp Group, the summit gathered executives from private equity funds, consumer finance, supply chain finance, big data, AI, blockchain, and smart credit to discuss FinTech cooperation in Southeast Asia, planning of financial industry development and preferential policies of Beihai, the latest hotspots of global financial development.

Banking Credit Closed-door Meeting

Banking Credit Closed-door Meeting, co-organized by CFRI and Yirendai, has concluded successfully on October 16th in Shanghai, China. The meeting invited more than 20 managers of bank credits department to discuss the hottest topics, such as, “How to Realize the Growth of Geometric times for Bank Credit Business in the Context of FinTech”, “Innovations of Retail Finance and Micro-Finance in Services, Business Models, Products, Organization and Risk Control”, "How to Use Big Data, Cloud Computing, AI to Directly or Indirectly Expand Customer Scale, Enhance Service Experience, Technological Innovation and Business Model Competitiveness", "Think of Acceptance, Scene Selection, Technology Application, Credit Review, Risk Control Capabilities, Customer Post-Loan Management. Apart from closed-door meeting, it also arranged a "one-to-one" cooperative docking service to effectively support the development of bank credit business.

Future Banking Technology Closed-door Meeting

The organizing committee invited senior leaders from foreign banks, state-owned banks, nationwide joint-stock commercial banks, city commercial banks and internet banks to the seminar to discuss some core topics, such as, "What Are the Future Bank?", "Technology Route, Realization Path, Bank Risk Control in the Era of FinTech", "New Exploration and New Ideas of Retail Banking", "What Are the Major Changes in the Business Model and Operation Mode of Banks?", “What Capabilities Should Be Needed for Future Financial Talents and How to Pick Up Financial Talents”.

IFPI FinTech Global Cooperation Closed-door Meeting

IFPI2018 invited Singapore FinTech Association, Thai FinTech Association, FinTech, JD Finance, PPmoney, Xiaomi Finance, HengChang, Worldpay, Rong 360, Home Credit, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to discuss regulatory policies, landing procedures, introduction of local financial technology development, technical environment, legal environment, support for landing, taxation, and risk warnings in Southeast Asia.

Brand Display and Corporate Promotion

At IFPI2018, dozens of industrial famous enterprises at home and abroad carried out the outstanding products and solutions through booth showcasing, such as, Dianhuabang, CAAD, iTrusChina, Yourongwang, MobData, Wisers, Yirendai, Quantum Insurtech, XuanWu Technology, JiGuang, mobvoi, SinoVoice, Beihai City Guangxi Province, FinUp Group, Shanghai Goodview Electronics Co. Ltd, DataVisor, yuntongxun,, Vhall, The excellent booth showcase had attracted many participants to exchange ideas and promote further cooperation.

At IFPI2018, the participants also gained the valuable media exposure opportunities from the following media partners:,, CBN, Shanghai Securities News, Leiphone,,, Beijing News,, 21st Century Business Herald, Gold Master,, RELUXE, Industrial Economic Review,,,, PR Newswire.

IFPI FinTech Awards Ceremony

IFPI FinTech Awards Ceremony & VIP Appreciation Banquet was hold on the evening of the October 15th. This list aimed to recognize outstanding companies and individuals who have made prominent contributions in the industry.

10th FinTech Future Convention 2018 has concluded successfully on October 15th-16th in Shanghai, China! Looking forward to meeting you next year!

Event Website:

The main industry event — Blockchain Life 2019 — was successfully held in Moscow

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The European Payment Summit (EPS) offers a unique 2-day dual program featuring key developments in the payments/transaction space combined with key sessions on Open Banking, the latest developments in the regulatory landscape and advances in technology. Next to plenary introductions, delegates can create a meaningful 2-day program in order to gain best insights on developments, debate on key issues and learn best practice initiatives.

The digitally connected world has changed the way we transact. New technology and new schemes enable us to by-pass regulated models. New payments techniques require new rules as we need to protect users (businesses and consumers). This fast-changing landscape opens the door to instant payments, optimisation of processes and logistics but also presents new security risks. The 2019 program will feature industry thought leaders and experts who will address key issues and changes in this space.

For more than 17 years, over 3.500 leading professionals have attended the conference. The audience consists of key policy makers, decision makers in the FSI, top-experts in payments and the transaction space and key stakeholders in both payments, cyber-security, technology, transaction infrastructure, mobile, cards and other related areas of expertise.

European Payment Summit 2019
25 – 26 April 2019 | The Hague

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date: October 29-30, 2018
Location: Hong Kong Convention Centre | Hong Kong
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